Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th November 2015


Sometimes all you want it a database set-up and access to it via an administration interface. Well, Gus over at pimylifeup.com has written a tutorial that might be of interest. In it, he shows you how to install popular database engine MySQL and PHPMyAdmin, which is a standard admin front-end. Read it here.

Traffic Lights

Giles Booth previously started to construct a circuit and write code that would display a traffic lights sequence on LEDs connected to his Pi using GPIO Zero. This time, he has added a momentary tactile switch to the circuit so that he can wait for the button press before ‘stopping traffic’ to allow people to cross. It’s great to see someone build their circuit and programming up like this.Read about his continuing adventures here. If you want to do a traffic lights project yourself, take a look at the CamJam EduKit - all the parts you need are in there.


Over at Makezine.com, Neil Davenport has used a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino and some other basic circuitry to build a speech interpreter that controls devices around the home. He uses the set-up with some off-the-shelf devices such as lights, and even a Roomba vacuum cleaner, and controls them by having the Pi interpret his voice commands using a piece of software called PocketSphinx. It’s a really great example of what you can do with a bit of hacking. Read how to do it yourself here.

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