Raspberry Pi Roundup - 2nd November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 2nd November 2015

Podcast with Pounder

A very interesting Pi Podcast this time from the guys. They interview Les Pounder, who is heavily involved with Picademy and is also a writer of good repute. They also cover various other topics including GPIO Zero and the recently-released Senior Pi operating system. Listen to the podcast here.


Alex Eames from RasPi.TV has been putting GPIO Zero through it’s paces by creating an automatic security light which senses a) when it’s dark and b) when movement is detected and then triggers a light to come on. He’s used a combination of components, including relays, to create the circuit and then put together a GPIO Zero-powered script. Take a look here.


In August, the Raspberry Pi Foundation ran Skycademy, a High Altitude Ballooning course for educators and kids group leaders. Since then, there have been several successful follow-up launches by the students of that course and James Robinson from the Foundation has blogged about not only Skycademy itself but also some of the other launches. Read it here.


Scientists and students at the Surrey Space Centre in the University of Surrey are currently developing a processing core for a CubeSat using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Physical space is very limited inside these space-going devices, so undergraduate Oliver Launchbury-Clark has developed the core using two Compute Modules for the AAReST mission. The use of two CMs introduces redundancy in case of failure and the small size of the CM is certainly attractive. It will be interesting to see if they stick with the Pi for the mission. Read more over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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