Raspberry Pi Roundup - 19th October 2015

Night vision

Maker/enthusiast Mr Fid has taken a cheap pair of video goggles and attached a Raspberry Pi, a Pi NoIR camera and an IR light source. He has then fed the composite video output of the Pi into the goggles and made himself a cheap night-vision apparatus. Read how he did it on his Instructable.


Martin O’Hanlon wanted to track aircraft near him. So, he installed PiAware on his Raspberry Pi and then wrote some simple Python to detect when an aircraft was nearby and then light up an LED. It’s a simple project, but it’s a pretty cool one. Read how he did it here.


Pete Scargill has been experimenting with NodeRED for quite some time, mostly in relation to using it as an Internet of Things platform. At the moment, he is using NodeRED as a translator and to trigger speech synthesis.Check out his efforts and work-in-progress here. If you’re into NodeRED and/or alternative programming languages, I recommend subscribing to his blog – it’s informative and always well-written.


Richard Hayler has a bunch of original Raspberry Pi Model Bs and accompanying 4GB SD cards. Rather than just throw these away and get new 8GB cards to fit the whopping 4.3GB Jessie image on, he decided to slim down the image and re-write the new image. Here’s how he did it by removing Wolfram and LibreOffice.

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