Raspberry Pi Roundup - 18th September 2015


9 year old LDR and his dad have written up their project. In this game, you roll coins down a ramp into a box that contains ‘islands’ of aluminium foil attempting to bridge the gaps across to the other side. If you manage it, an LED lights up and you win the game. It’s a nice little project with NodeRED software and goes to show what you can do with some ingenuity. Read more here.


Following a successful trip to Estonia in February, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in the guide of Ben Nuttall, has returned to deliver Raspberry Pi kits to schools. You can read more about the two trips over at the Foundation.

Bilge Tank

Our friends at Sheffield-based Pimoroni have just started a new web series, Bilge Tank. Taking place in their newly-constructed studio, the series promises to bring news, product demos and slightly odd chatting. The series is broadcast on YouTube and we had a great time watching it on Tuesday interacting with the guys via the in-built chat app. You can catch a recording of their first episode here


When the new Raspberry Pi display launched on Tuesday one of the most exciting things for me was shown on the Raspberry Pi blog – a touch screen GUI written using a Python library called Kivy. The demo was done by the Foundation’s Matt Richardson and can be seen below:

Now, Matt has written up a full tutorial on how to install Kivy and all his code for the demo is online. Shameless plug: You can get hold of the components he uses to interface with the GPIO anywhere, of course, but one of the easiest ways is to buy the CamJam EduKit which comes with LEDs, a switch, a buzzer and jumper wires to hook it all up. It’s only £5 and is available from The Pi Hut. The display is also available from The Pi Hut.

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