Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th September 2015


A couple of weeks ago, Pimoroni launched a new HAT for the Raspberry Pi. This one features many, many capacitive touch pads and looks like a Piano. Surprisingly, they called it the PianoHAT. You can get hold of one from The Pi Hut for £15. I wrote a review over at Raspberry Pi Pod and gave it 10/10. I also did a video demo of the HAT which you can see below:


This absolutely charming article written by the brilliant Liz from the Foundation. It’s a ‘day in the life’ blog post in which she describes a typical day (if life at the Foundation is ever typical!) and includes new arrivals, a clean inbox and how to deal with slightly out-of-the-ordinary blog comments. It really gives you an insight into one of the nicest people at the Foundation. Enjoy! Read it here.


Finland-based Patrick Aalto has been working this summer on a two-wheeled balancing robot powered by a Raspberry Pi. On 16th August, he achieved his first successful balancing. You can see a video of it below:


Brian Corteil, one of the competitors in this year’s Pi Wars competition, has done a great round-up of the remote control options available to you when you build a robot. He goes through each option and gives pros and cons for each, as well as providing links for most of them which should help you get going.Read it here. This acts as a great companion piece to my guide to getting started over on the Pi Wars site.

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