Raspberry Pi Roundup - 10th August 2015


Ryan Bates decided he wanted a retro gaming machine. Instead of going the usual route of taking an old console or handheld, he wanted to go bigger… much bigger. So started his build of a wooden Game Boy Advance – 300% larger than the original with a 9″ screen. Even the D-pad is wooden! The whole thing is powered by a Raspberry Pi B+. Read more over at Make.


The MagPi magazine has come of age - it has appeared in print for the first time. The new 100-page edition of the magazine is full of terrific articles and will hopefully catch the eyes of Pi owners, particularly beginners who are well-catered for in the issue. In the UK, you can find it in WHSmith and good newsagents. People in the US will need to wait a couple of weeks but will soon be able to get it from Barnes & Noble and Circuit Center. And don’t forget, if you want to subscribe there are some excellent deals available – take a look at the last issue for more details.

The magazine will, of course, still be available for free electronically on the website, but there’s nothing quite like a paper copy!

Home security

Matt over at Raspberry Pi Spy started out with a dream when he first got hold of a Raspberry Pi: a home security system. Three years later and dozens of blog posts later, he is now returning to the project and has started blogging about it. Follow his progress here.

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