Raspberry Pi Roundup - 3rd July 2015


A team from Sparkfun have created a full-sized prototype replica of the BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Inside the sphere is a Raspberry Pi which provides the ‘brains’ for the robot. The team, comprised of Pamela Cortez, Allison Cavis, Casey Kuhns and Maurice Woods, created their robot using 3D printing and other wizardry. It truly is a work-of-art. You can see a lot more photographs and read more over at the Makezine website. The only thing they’re really missing, unfortunately, is a video of it in action! They’ve promised to document the process of building the robot in future articles.

Big Data

Hadoop is all about processing large amounts of data (so-called Big Data) across a cluster of nodes. In this case, the nodes are Raspberry Pis and Nigel Pond has written a PDF tutorial on how to do it. Read it here.


PighiXXX previously created a pinout for the Raspberry Pi Model B. They have now created a new one for the recently released Model 2 B. Take a look at it in more detail here.

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