Raspberry Pi Roundup - 26th May 2015


Martin O’Hanlon is usually to be seen hacking around with Minecraft Pi. This time, however, he’s taken one of his wife’s collection of broken vintage radios, a Raspberry Pi, an IQaudIO audio board and amplifier and some other small parts and given it a new lease of life. Details of his build can be found here.

Java Micro

Payara Micro is a fantastic little Java server that requires no installation to get it running. All you need is Java installed on your Pi (which is default on Raspbian) and a simple command and you’re up and running. It’s then easy to run .WAR files and run whatever apps you like. It’s very neat, very small (less than 60MB) and you can find full instructions on using it on the Voxxed website.

Astro Minecraft

Martin O’Hanlon has now combined his work on the Astro Pi with a model of that same board within the Minecraft world. You can do everything with the model, from getting a read-out of the onboard sensors to lighting up bits of the LED matrix by hitting them with your sword. It’s tremendously well-done and great fun, though, of course, only of interest to those with the Astro Pi board. Read more here.

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