Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th May 2015


Ryan Walmsley has been working on a new HAT for the B+, A+ and Pi 2. It features 3 large LEDs, a button and a buzzer. If you’re interested in getting to know about electronics and controlling the real world from your Pi, this is an excellent introduction. It comes in kit form so you get to learn how to solder as well. It’s a great learning tool and I thoroughly recommend it.

It is available from The Pi Hut for £8 plus postage. You can check out my 9/10 review over at the Pi Pod.


Justin Drentlaw has proposed a new solution to streaming video from the camera module to a browser using the tag. His solution uses Node.JS and it’s pretty nifty, although he’s not sure if it will cope with multiple clients connecting to it at the same time. Read more here.


Two years ago, Matthew Achariam decided he wanted to create a “tangible” electronics project. He came up with the idea of showing notifications via a cube of LEDs. He hooked the LEDs up to a Raspberry Pi, added a wi-fi dongle and then surrounded the whole thing in a diffusion cube of plexiglass. He finished up with something which is part-functional, part-artwork. Read about the build here

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