Raspberry Pi Roundup - 21st April 2015


Francois Dion is currently blogging about his team’s (Piedmont Triad of North Carolina) efforts to launch a high altitude balloon payload with 7 (!) networked Raspberry Pis and multiple cameras. Read more here.


Andy Molenda has blogged about his experiences using Grav which is a low-memory footprint and highly efficient flat-file CMS. It has enabled him to run a blog on his 256MB Pi with very good performance. He has written up how to install the stack necessary to run Grav – read it here.

Save your SD card

It’s well-established that SD cards have a finite lifespan. This lifespan is dependent on the number of writes that you do to the card (although the number of reads is largely irrelevant). Alexander van der Sar has blogged about using a piece of software called Ramlog. At boot time, the current logs are read into memory, then subsequent log writes are done directly to RAM, therefore not using the SD card. The logs are then written at shutdown time to the SD card, thus minimising the number of writes. Read about this here.

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