Raspberry Pi Roundup - 30th March 2015


The newly relaunched MagPi has just published its newest issue. There’s lots of fantastic content and the magazine really does look like it will go from strength-to-strength under the steady hand of new editor Russell Barnes. Take a look at the new issue here. There’s a chance to win an A+, too, courtesy of The Pi Hut, so what are you waiting for?


Richard Hayler and his sons have been at the LEGO again. This time, they’ve created a LEGO chicken which lays real eggs by using motors to manipulate an egg out of the tail end. Read all about it here.


Andreas Lindahl has 3D-printed a lovely bear and put it together with a Pi and some other components to create a cuddly Spotify player. Created as a way to get better at 3D modelling and printing, the bear has a B+ inside as well as a lipo battery and booster and a Pi Hut speaker. Read more at 3ders.org


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have teamed up with other international partners to develop 3D-printed weather stations that will help to predict flash floods in underdeveloped countries, and they use the Pi to collect data and send it to their experts. Read more here.

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