The newly relaunched MagPi has just published its newest issue. There’s lots of fantastic content and the magazine really does look like it will go from strength-to-strength under the steady hand of new editor Russell Barnes. Take a look at the new issue here. There’s a chance to win an A+, too, courtesy of The Pi Hut, so what are you waiting for?


Richard Hayler and his sons have been at the LEGO again. This time, they’ve created a LEGO chicken which lays real eggs by using motors to manipulate an egg out of the tail end. Read all about it here.


Andreas Lindahl has 3D-printed a lovely bear and put it together with a Pi and some other components to create a cuddly Spotify player. Created as a way to get better at 3D modelling and printing, the bear has a B+ inside as well as a lipo battery and booster and a Pi Hut speaker. Read more at


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have teamed up with other international partners to develop 3D-printed weather stations that will help to predict flash floods in underdeveloped countries, and they use the Pi to collect data and send it to their experts. Read more here.