Raspberry Pi Roundup - 9th March 2015


Ismail Uddin of scienceexposure.com has written an in-depth tutorial in which he uses a thermistor to track temperature changes and a Neopixel ring to display a temperature gauge. It uses various libraries and work already out there and contains instructions as to what to download and install. Take a look here.


Rohith Madhavan has been working on bringing Ubuntu MATE to the Raspberry Pi 2. He’s created an image for it. Although it’s not perfect (sound doesn’t work, choppy video) this is great news as it opens up more possibilities for the Pi and a lovely GUI to go along with it. Read more here.


Pete Lomas designed the original Raspberry Pi model B and A circuit boards. He gave a great talk at the Big Birthday Weekend and Alex Eames was lucky enough to get to speak to him on the Sunday and talk about the history of the Pi and his experiences. Watch the video here.

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