Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th Jan 2015

Happy New Year to all our readers!

Review of the Year 2014

I wrote a review of the year over on my blog which has been received very well. I thought it might be fun to share it with you on this blog. Take a look at it here.


David Hooker has taken an old Atari Lynx handheld computer, ripped the guts out of it and fitted a Raspberry Pi along with a bunch of other electronic components (an amplifier for instance). He’s installed Shea Silverman’s PiPlay and used one of those car reversing screens as a display. Read about his build, and how to replicate it, here.


“seeourfamilytravels” (actual name unknown) has taken a Pi and shrouded it in a chassis that looks like an old-fashioned police van. Details of his build are here and you can view a video of the project above.

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