Raspberry Pi Roundup - 12th Dec 2014

We're excited at Pi Hut this week. Not only have we launched the CamJam EduKit 2 but we are also now a PiBorg reseller. PiBorg make great add-on boards and products for robotics projects including the PicoBorg Reverse, XLOBorg, LEDBorg and TriBorg. Their brand new product is called the DiddyBorg, which is a premium robot kit that is an absolute thing of beauty (see picture below).

Okay! Onto the news!


Issue 29 of the fantastic MagPi magazine is now out. You can see from the screenshot above that it’s packed with stuff so head on over to MagPi.com to download or view it.


Average Man (Richard Saville) has just posted up a review of the Pi and Bash add-on board. He very much likes the board and has given it a very balanced review. Read the review here.

You can buy a Pi and Bash from The Pi Hut.


Craig Lindlay has managed to turn the Raspberry Pi into a small raytracing platform that will generate images onto a 320×240 screen from Adafruit. He calls it the “Raytracing Minion” and you can read all about how to do this kind of thing yourself over on his blog.

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