RPi Roundup – 31st October 2014

Welcome to the Halloween edition. If you're heading out tonight, stay safe, stay legal!


IMG_4194 Dr Lucy Rogers got together with a group of makers at Blackgang Chine, a Theme Park on the Isle of Wight, to take control of their animatronic dinosaurs. She and some helpers first of all taught the makers and staff how to do things like hack electronics and program them from the Raspberry Pi before moving onto controlling the big, articulated dinosaur models they had available. Using NodeRED and movement sensors built into the models, they were able to make the dinosaurs react dynamically to the presence of visitors. Read more over at Element14.


Richard, the Average Man, has written a straight-forward tutorial that takes you through the process of setting up wifi from the command line. Read how to do it here.


picademy4 Spencer Organ, better known on Twitter by his handle@Mruktechreviews, has posted up about his experience at Picademy this week. He describes everything about his time at Pi Towers, including the activities the teachers got up to, the training sessions, the goodie bag and the group project they worked on during the second day. Read Spencer’s blog post here.

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