RPi Roundup – 29th October 2014



South Korean artists Shin Seung Back and Kim Yung Hun, together with costume designer Jehee Sheen, have created a jacket embedded with around 50 cameras which can be used to capture a 360-degree picture of the wearer’s environment. At the touch of a button, the pictures are taken, stitched together into a panorama and then uploaded to the web. Known as the “Aposematic Jacket”, this is just an art project at the moment! You can visit the artists’ blog to see more photographs of the jacket.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has posted an explanation of a project carried out by Argon Design. They were given a Compute Module and development board and hooked up two camera modules to it. They then wrote an algorithm to detect depth using the stereo vision two cameras gave them. Read more about it here.


Pete Taylor has been working on converting a Holga camera into a digital camera using a Raspberry Pi. He previously explained how he’d fitted in a model A to the case and he’s now blogged about his continuing hacks and also published the code he is using. Read all about it here.

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