RPi Roundup – 22nd October 2014


Ron Ostafichuk has taken a full-size Dalek model and used a Raspberry Pi to control it. It even plays the Doctor Who theme tune when it’s ready to go! See a video of the Dalek in action and see inside this great project below. Leave Ron a comment or a like on the YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HirXLZC8GY&w=400


Mike Haldas has written a great tutorial which uses online service Instapush to send push notifications to an Android/iOS app on your mobile phone. His example application is wired up to a door opening sensor and he's provided this sample code in his tutorial.


Here's a wearable Raspberry Pi powered by a LIPO running pifm and a Python script to play music. A list of components can be found on this page so it should be relatively simple to make your own!

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