RPi Roundup – 15th October 2014

The Big News

Carrie Anne Philbin has announced on the Raspberry Pi blog that a new newsletter has been launched that will cater for teachers and other educators. You can sign up for the newsletter here and view an archive of all issues here.

Straight Talkin'

Martin O’Hanlon is currently building a robot and he wants it to autonomously drive in a straight line. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but he’s hit on a solution – use encoder discs on his motors and count the number of ‘clicks’. He explains more on his blog and he’s published the code to do it.

Education Fund

RasPi-Today-Podcast_20_banner-630x210 (1)
Russell Barnes, over at RasPi.Today, has interviewed Lance Howarth, the CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In it, he speaks about the £1 million education fund that the Foundation has set-up to aid in the education of 5-18 year olds. You can listen to the podcast here.

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