RPi Roundup – 3rd October 2014

After a very quiet September, we're suddenly inundated with news from many different sources. Here are just a few of the best ones!

The Big News

The Raspberry Pi model B is back in production following a manufacturing backlog as a result of the launch of the B+. Good news for those of us who still need to get hold of Bs from time-to-time and great news for industrial users! Read their blog post here. You can order Model Bs from us as we've just received our new stock!

Pi Printer

Owen Jeffreys has developed a custom 3D printer which is 100% controlled by a Pi. He’s produced all the parts of the machine himself and has developed a custom circuit board which is linked to the Pi via ribbon cable. You can read more about the printer by viewing this Vimeo page.

Say Goodbye and Hello!

Online maker retailer Phenoptix is to close its doors after a successful 11 years of operation following CEO Ben Gray's decision to spend more time with his family. The majority of the Phenoptix stock has been transferred to our sister company, Makersify - the maker store for UK makers! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSSmhe_XUA8&w=600]

Pumped-up Pi

In both science and medicine, there is a requirement for dispensing drugs and other liquids in controlled measurements, or doses. This requirement is usually satisfied by a syringe pump. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has blogged about a Raspberry Pi-powered pump that costs a fraction of currently available models. The pump uses 3D-printed parts and off-the-shelf motors and comes in at around $50, as opposed to $750 (that’s the cheapest one Liz Upton could find). Read more here.

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