RPi Roundup – 14th September 2014

The Big News

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new version of Raspbian is now available, as well as a new version of NOOBS containing that new release. The following features are included in the update:
  • New firmware with various fixes and improvements
  • Minecraft Pi pre-installed
  • Sonic Pi upgraded to 2.0
  • Include Epiphany browser work from Collabora
  • Switch to Java 8 from Java 7
  • Updated Mathematica
  • Misc minor configuration changes
You can download the new version from here.


Berkeley professor Joshua Bloom is part of the beta-testing team for ShakeAlert, an earthquake early warning system. He has used a Raspberry Pi to tap into the data source of the system to provide him with a 5-second warning should a large earthquake occur.You can read more here. The data source is not currently available to the public, but it is hoped that the use of a low-cost board to demonstrate the feasibility of personal warning systems could be used to get the project funded fully.

Speaking alarm clock

Pete has done this great tutorial and list of instructions/code to create an speaking alarm clock with a Raspberry Pi. The Pi downloads headlines from the internet and then plays them back with whatever is connected to the 3.5mm audio output. For full instructions, see the Read More on YouTube. You can view the video below: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=julETnOLkaU?w=600]

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