RPi Roundup – 12th September 2014

Look ma, no touch!

The team behind Hover, a gesture input device, have put together a tutorial, which uses a Pi in conjunction with an Arduino Leonardo, which guides you through using a Hover board to be a controller for PiMame/PiPlay. Take a look at the tutorial here. You can buy a Hover from The Pi Hut.

Simple security

The Average Man has used a distro image called MotionPie and a Nwazet Pi/camera case to create a security camera set-up for his father. It’s a rather neat solution to a common security problem. Read how he did it here.

Moving stuff

Rob Zwetsloot at Linux User and Developer magazine has written a tutorial on controlling servos. He uses the Adafruit servo controller board to do this and he’s included the Fritzing diagram and code samples to help you replicate his work.Take a look here.

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