RPi Roundup – 9th September 2014

The Big News

At the Nato summit in Newport, Wales, world leaders were presented with a goody basket of all things Welsh. One of those things is, of course, a Raspberry Pi which is made at Sony’s Pencoed factory. The BBC has the full story.

A sound investment of time

The Foundation announced on Friday the launch of a competition for schools where they use Sonic Pi v2 to create original pieces of space-themed music. The deadline for entries is 13th October and the finalists will take part in the final part of the competition in Cambridge on 4th November. You can read more over on the Foundation’s blog.

Blinkies (well, blinky...)

In this tutorial, Josh teaches us how to light up a single Neopixel using the Raspberry Pi’s UART TX pin and a piece of software called “neouart”. Read the tutorial here if you’d like to do this!

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