RPi Roundup – 28th August 2014

Making tunes

sonic-pi-summer-1-500x333 Ben & Phil from Juneau Projects have written a guest post on the Foundation blog about the recent Cambridge-based summer school which used Sonic Pi to create a “live coding” concert, amongst other things! You can read the post here.If you haven’t tried out Sonic Pi v2 and it’s ability to be changed mid-composition, you should check it out.

Tell Your Fortune?

raspberry_pi_talker-225x300 Richard Julian has blogged this nice little project which has you creating a fortune teller which speaks to ‘guests’ whenever it detects movement. Creepy but fun. Read about it here.


Carrie Anne Philbin, the Geek Gurl herself, had been wanting to learn how to solder for ages. She taught herself and then recorded this great tutorial video showing how to do it. Required watching if you want to hack hardware! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5L4Gl6Q4Xo&w=600]

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