Apologies for the lack of an update over the past few days - not much has been happening on the Pi front. But, today, loads of new bits and pieces came out so here goes...

Review corner

Short-Crust-Case The Average Man has given very positive review for the Short Crust case over on his site. Read the review here. You can buy a Short Crust from our online shop.

What does a Wii Nunchuck-chucker chuck?

Raspberry-Pi-Nunchuck Jason Barnett has written a tutorial over on tuts+ about using a Wii Nunchuck to control the turtle library to draw lines via Python. There’s two ways of doing it: hacking directly into the circuitry of the Nunchuck or using a tiny adapter board. Read it here.

DIY Photo Booth

Raspberry-Pi-Booth DrumminHands Design has written up their photo booth project which uses a huge button to take photographs using the camera module then turns the pictures into an animated gif and posts it online. Read up on this project here.

Brrrrr. Bit chilly

RasPiO-Arduino-Board Alex Eames at RasPi.TV has invented a new board that plugs into the Raspberry Pi. Called a RasPiO duino, it’s programmable from the Pi and will also work away from the Pi providing it’s given a power source. He has a problem at his house over in Poland – the basement gets so cold that the water in an inlet pipe can freeze (and make the pipe burst). So, he’s used a combination of his new board, some relays and some heat lamps to Macgyver a solution together. There’s more detail and a video over on his blog.