Raspberry Pi Roundup - 9th Nov 2014


A blogger at PiecesOfPi.co.uk decided that he (or, indeed, she) wanted to build a GPIO board for themselves. So, they’ve taken a piece of stripboard, some LEDs and a few switches and done just that. He’s posted all the diagrams so you can replicate the board, although he hasn’t included much in the way of help with the software. Should be fairly easy to knock something up with Python or ScratchGPIO, though. Read all about it here.



Normally if you want to do a timelapse with the Pi camera, you just use the raspistill command with the -tl parameter. However, Richard (aka the Average Man) wanted to do it programmatically so he could update an LCD screen during the process. If you want to do this yourself, check out his tutorial here.

Christmas Tree

Instructables user Osprey22 has written a piece of Python which acts as a sequencer based on an imported MP3 file to drive sets of Christmas tree lights. He’s written the whole thing up as a tutorial, so head on over to the Instructables to find out how he did it.

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