Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th May 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th May 2016

Game Boy Zero

Wermy, the creator of the brilliant Game Boy Zero has started to blog a ‘How To’ guide on sudomod.com. He starts out by taking a broken Game Boy and Dremelling it to add holes for the buttons and removing the battery compartment to make way for the other parts. I’ve got a broken GB myself so will likely start following along as the idea of a portable retro gaming machine appeals to me! Follow along with the tutorial here


The boffins at York Hackspace have created a demonstration piece called SpaceHack for Maker Faires and other events that simulates an emergency situation onboard a spacecraft and then invites players to work together to keep it operating for as long as possible. Two control panels have been created and the players are issued instructions by the Pi-powered server – they must then carry out the various operations to save the spaceship from CERTAIN DOOOOOOM! Take a look at the progress of the project here. There is a Github repository here for the clients and server and you can view videos here.

Thermal Pi

Billy has written an Instructable in which he explains how to calculate Pi in various ways before writing a method in Python code to do it. The result is then printed out on a thermal printer from Adafruit. The whole thing is controlled via buttons through the GPIO. Read the tutorial here


Over at Make, Pičugins Arsenijs has been describing their project to create an interface for the Raspberry Pi when operating in headless mode. Hooked up to the serial line and providing a small LCD screen as a display is the first step as you have to install some software to do things like shutdown the Pi correctly, control a music player and control wifi connections. Other applications can be added to the system, which has been designed to be easily extensible. Very interesting stuff, and certainly useful if you’ve got some Pis that need re-configuring without attaching them to a full monitor. Take a look here.

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