Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th April 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th April 2016

Tiny Gameboy

Rasmus Hauschild from Denmark was 14 years old when I previously featured another build of his on the blog. This time he has gone small with a 3D-printed Gameboy case running RetroPie called Pi Zero Gameboy Nano. Inside is a Raspberry Pi Zero. You can print and assemble your own by downloading the files from Thingiverse or you can buy one customised to your requirements for $250 direct from Rasmus.


Jasper Ruben built his cats a ‘hamster wheel’ for exercise and just for general cat-happiness-quotient. He’s connected up some sensors to it and these feed data back to the Raspberry Pi which calculates speed and distance travelled. A gallery of how he built it is available as is a gallery of when he added the sensors and Pi and here is a Reddit thread if you’d like to ask questions or leave comments.

Static IP

Jeff Geerling has discovered in his work on the Raspberry Pi Dramble cluster that Raspbian Jessie does networking a bit differently. Whereas before (with Wheezy) it was just a case of adding some lines to /etc/network/interfaces, now you need to add some lines to /etc/dhcpcd.conf to make dhcpcd5 set the static IP address. More details here.

Imperial March

Dum dum dum dum-de-dum dum-de-dum.

Leon Anavi has written an Instructable tutorial in which he takes a simple piezo buzzer, connects it up to his Pi and then uses C/wiringPi to play John Williams’ Imperial March. You can read the Instructable here.

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