Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition

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Discover how to set up a Raspberry Pi to play classic games in the brand new version of our retro gaming guide. In this 164-page book, you’ll learn how to build a portable games machine, assemble a full-sized arcade cabinet, and emulate classic computers and consoles.

Our step-by-step guides make each build easy! Plus you’ll even learn to program your own versions of classic arcade games using Python and Pygame.

Inside Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

  • Set up Raspberry Pi for retro gaming
  • Emulate classic computers and consoles
  • Learn to program retro-style games
  • Build a portable console, arcade cabinet, and pinball machine
  • And much, much more!


  • P5. Learn “gave” development” should read “game”.
  • P12. The micro USB and mini-HDMI annotations are the wrong way around. The mini-HDMI should point to the left of the Raspberry Pi Zero; micro USB is on the right.
  • P84. “In the previous tutorial (page 48)” should read “page 78”.

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