Mini Piano Module for micro:bit

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Learn how to code in Microsoft MakeCode whilst also having fun making music! This mini piano module for the BBC micro:bit is a fun way to get to grips with block-based coding and an ideal first add-on.

The board features 13 capacitive touch piano keys, a buzzer and 4 RGB LEDs. You will be able to play the full octave by touching the piano keys, and the RGB LED will display accordingly. You can even change the colour of the LEDs in the code yourself!

No soldering is required and the online documentation will help you set up Microsoft MakeCode with the necessary packages.


  • micro:bit edge connector
  • Buzzer to play music
  • Onboard capacitive touch controller, 13x touch keys via I2C interface
  • 4x RGB LEDs controlled by only one signal pin
  • Breakout module control pins, micro:bit SPI pins and a number of GPIO pins
  • No soldering required
  • Online development resources (micro:bit graphical demo/python code/user manual)

Package Contents

  • 1x Piano module for micro:@bit

micro:bit not included


  • Touch controller: TTP229
  • LED: WS2812B
  • LED colour depth: 16777216 colours
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V


Symbol Description
VCC Power (3.3V input)
GND Ground
P0 Buzzer control pin, related to micro:bit P0
P1 LED control pin, related to micro:bit P1
SCL Touch keys control pin, I2C clock
SDA Touch keys control pin, I2C data


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