ChronoPi 1.0 Real Time Clock (Ultra-Precise) [discontinued]

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The ChronoPi is a real-time clock accessory for your Raspberry Pi (all current models with GPIO headers supported). The RTC comes with the required CR1220 battery.

If your Raspberry Pi project needs to know the time and date, may be turned on and off frequently, is unable to access internet time servers, the ChronoPi is the perfect solution.

Based on the same super-accurate clock chip as our popular ChronoDot, the ChronoPi is temperature-compensated and keeps time within a few seconds per month over a wide range of temperatures. Other RTC chips may drift several minutes per month, depending on ambient temperature!

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Applications that may benefit from accurate timekeeping include:

  • Security cameras or intrusion logging systems
  • Punch clock systems for work start and stop times
  • Capturing satellite signals with software-defined radio
  • Recording television broadcasts
  • Weather & news display mirror with alarm clock function

Since the ChronoPi needs to measure the temperature in order to compensate for temperature drift, it can also provide a handy temperature measurement.

On updated versions of Raspbian, the operating system can automatically read this temperature from the command line. We've also included a bonus LED connected to GPIO4. This provides instant access to a user-controlled LED on your Raspberry Pi...debug your programs and verify GPIO operation without your breadboard and wires.

We've designed the ChronoPi to not interfere with any Raspberry Pi's LCD connectors, and to provide plenty of room for most aftermarket RPi CPU heatsinks.

Technical Specification

  • Controller: Maxim DS3231SN
  • Function: Temperature-compensated RTC
  • Accuracy: ± 3.5ppm at -40C to +85C (~1 minute per year)
  • Power Supply: 2.3 to 5.5 V DC
  • Current: 200uA (active), 840nA (timekeeping)
  • Dimensions: 23mm x 13.5mm x 12.5mm
  • Pin Spacing: 0.1 inches


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