M5Stack FIRE IoT Development Kit (PSRAM) V2.6 [discontinued]

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The M5Stack FIRE V2.6 is a cost-effective WiFi & Bluetooth dual-mode IoT controller that adopts an Espressif ESP32 main control chip, equipped with two low-power Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 microprocessors, with a main frequency of up to 240MHz.

The FIRE V2.6 comes with 8M PSRAM + 16M FLASH memory, 2" full-colour HD IPS display panel, IMU, LED, microphone, speaker, TFCard slot and other peripherals. The full-coverage case ensures circuit stability even in complex industrial applications. The internal offers a wide range of common interface resources (ADC/DAC/I2C/UART/SPI, etc.) which is highly expandable.

This functional and powerful IoT controller is very applicable to various product prototyping, industrial control and smart building applications.

High productisation

  • Exquisite designs, Prototyping right into products
  • Product-grade full-coverage cover for more stable circuit operation

Low code development

  • Supports UIFlow graphical programming platform, scripting-free, cloud push
  • Fully compatible with Arduino, ESP32-IDF and other mainstream development platforms
  • Supports FreeRTOS, with dual-core and multitasking mechanism, it can perform the tasks efficiently, Program optimization

High integration

  • 2.0-inch IPS display panel, 6-axis IMU, programmable RGB lights x10, microphone, speaker, custom buttons x3
  • Built-in Li-ion power, integrated power management chip, supports TypeC and POGO PIN
  • Finely tuned RF circuit for stable and reliable wireless communication

Strong expandability

  • GROVE expansion ports x3 (I2C, GPIO, UART)
  • Easy access to M5Stack software and hardware system, stackable module design, plug-and-play sensor expansion

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  • Based on ESP32 development
  • 8M PSRAM + 16M FLASH memory combination
  • Integrated HD IPS display panel with various hardware peripherals
  • Rich resources interface, compatible with M5Stack stacking modules and sensors
  • Adopts M5GO BOTTOM bases compatible with 8mm size building blocks
  • Microsoft Azure authentication device
  • Compatible with multi-platform development:

Package Contents

  • 1x M5Stack FIRE V2.6
  • 1x M5GO Charging Base
  • 2x LEGO Building Blocks
  • 5x LEGO Connections
  • 1x M3 Hex Wrench
  • 1x Type-C USB (50cm)
  • 1x User's Manual


Specifications Parameters
ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 240MHz dual-core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth
Flash 16MB
Input power 5V @ 500mA
Interface TypeC x1, POGO PIN x1, I2C x1, GPIO x1, UART x1
Keys Custom Keys x 3
LCD screen 2.0"@320*240 ILI9342C IPS panel, maximum brightness 853nit
Speaker 1W-0928
Microphone Analog BSE3729 Microphone
IMU 6-axis MPU6886
USB Chip CH9102F
LED SK6812 RGB LED x 10
Antenna 2.4G 3D antenna
Battery - 500 mAh @ 3.7V
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Net Weight 62.3g
Gross Weight 162g
Product Dimensions 54mm x 54mm x 30.5mm
Package Size 105mm x 65mm x 40mm
Cover Material Plastic ( PC )


  • GPIO 16 / 17 of FIRE are connected to PSRAM by default, so when you connect or stack other modules, you need to pay attention to avoid conflicts with these two pins to prevent the device from not working properly and generating instability.
  • Switching operations:
    • Power on: Click the red button on the left
    • Power off: Quickly double-click the red button on the left
    • USB power: By default, It can not be shut down when USB power is on.
  • USB drive
    • Before using, please go to the download page to download the USB driver that matches your operating system, and install it.
    • FIRE currently has two CP2104/CH9102F A USB chip versions, users can install the drivers (CH34x and CP210x) that are compatible with two ICs at the same time to ensure that the device drivers work normally.


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