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The RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge is ideal for experimenting with Raspberry Pi circuits, prototyping and learning. The bridge PCB connects all available Raspberry Pi GPIO ports to a half-size breadboard, with an elegant Perspex platform and cover holding it all neatly and robustly together.

Note: This is the full kit. We also sell a PCB + header only option.

The RaspberryPi GPIO ports connect to the breadboard in numerical order (2-27), which means no pin counting and fewer wiring errors - just add your components to the breadboard and start controlling it with your Raspberry Pi!

Note - soldering will be required to attach the Raspberry Pi header, the header for the 26 GPIO pins and the 3V3/GND header


  • Fits All 40-pin Pi Models
  • 3V3 and GND connect to the breadboard power rails
  • Build and control a circuit with very few additional wires
  • Attach a breadboard to your Pi neatly, robustly and reversibly
  • Make prototype circuits quickly and easily
  • Make far fewer wiring errors, saving debugging time and potential damage

Kit Contents

  • Perspex base, breadboard platform and Raspberry Pi cover
  • Half size breadboard (400 points)
  • Nylon nuts bolts and spacers to hold it all together
  • RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge PCB
  • 30-way male header
  • 2x20-way female header
  • 5x10mm LEDs + resistors
  • GND wire to connect the ground rails together


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