Premium Silicone Covered Extension Jumper Wires - 200mm x 40

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These premium extension jumper wires are handy for making wire harnesses or jumpering between headers on PCBs. They're 200mm (~7.8") long and come loose as a pack of 40 (10 pieces of red, blue, yellow, and Adafruit black). They have 0.1" socket 'female' header contacts on one end and 0.1" plug 'male' header contacts on the other.

These jumper wires are a little more expensive than most because they use silicone covered wires, they're a little more durable and they're more heat-resistant than standard PVC covered wires.

We have tons of different Jumper Wires available, in all shapes and sizes!

For best results, when plugging headers into sockets, have the sides with the 'silver latch bit' sticking out since that side is a tiny bit wider than 0.1".

Please Note: The length of the jumper wires is sometimes a bit longer than what is listed.

These cables have been referred to as "Male-Female" or "Female-Male" jumpers, Adafruit is committed to updating terms and will continue to update product names and work with the community as well as industry for positive changes to outdated terminology.

We also carry these jumper wire bundles in Socket-Socket and Plug-Plug for all your soft silicone wiring needs!

Technical Details

  • Length: 200mm (~ 7.8")
  • Each wire is 24AWG thickness

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