N-channel power MOSFET (30V 60A)

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Switching a lot of power? N channel MOSFETs are just what you need.

These TO-220 package power MOSFETs can switch 30V/60A, which is plenty for most makers! They fit straight into a breadboard or even your own PCB with 2.54mm spaced pads.

They have quite a low voltage threshold at around 2.5V allowing you to control it from your favourite dev board at 2.8V, 3.3V or 5V logic.

You don't always need heat sinks for these (you can get away with no heatsink until the higher end of the scale, up to about 15A) but we recommend fitting one of these or one of these anyway just to be sure. The FET can dissipate up to 2W without a heat sink (at room temperature). You can avoid heatsinking even more if you use PWM. Here is a good website for working out detailed calculations.


  • N channel power MOSFET
  • TO-220 Package
  • Vds = 30V max
  • Max current = 62A
  • Vgs = 2.35V max
  • Rds_on = as low as 8.7 milliohm - depending on Vgs



Here are a couple of great tutorials written by Adafruit:

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