Smart Cutebot Pro for micro:bit

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The Smart Cutebot Pro V2 is a programming robot car designed for the micro:bit board (not included). This improved model of the standard Cutebot comes fully assembled and uses an 18650 lithium-ion battery (not included) for power.

The robot includes a 4-way infrared sensor for precise line tracking and an encoder motor for accurate control of movement and angles. It also has a colourful LED rainbow light and an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement and obstacle detection. The robot car offers multiple expansion interfaces, allowing for the addition of more hardware components.


The improvements in this model from the original cutebot, include a closed-loop motor for more precise driving, enhanced line-tracking sensors capable of identifying complex patterns like crossroads, and additional interfaces for attaching devices like mechanical arms. Design-wise, it has a larger body, increased motor torque, faster speed and wider tires for improved grip and smoother driving.

Note: Lithium Battery is not included.

What's on Board


  • Compatibility: Designed for use with micro:bit boards (the micro:bit board is not included with the kit).
  • Infrared Line-Following Sensor: Equipped with a 4-way infrared sensor for line tracking.
  • Encoder Motor: Features an encoder motor for precise control over distance and turning angles.
  • LED Rainbow Light: Includes a colourful LED light, adding to its aesthetic and functional appeal.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Comes with an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement and obstacle detection.
  • Expansion Interfaces: Offers multiple expansion interfaces for adding additional hardware, encouraging creativity and innovation.
  • Closed-Loop Motor: Upgraded from the open-loop motor for more accurate driving and instruction following.
  • Complex Line Identification: Capable of identifying more complex lines such as crossroads or T-junctions with its enhanced line-tracking sensors.


Items: Parameters
Name: Smart Cutebot Pro
SKU: EF08292
Power supply: 18650 lithium battery
Charging current: 1000mA
Charging time: About 120min
Max. working voltage: 4.2V
Rated working voltage: 3.7V
Min. working voltage: 3.3V
The output voltage from motor connections: 3.3V
Max. output current from motor connections: 0.2A
The output voltage from servo connections: The current battery voltage
Max. output current from servo connections: 3A
The output voltage from the 10 ports: 3.3V
Max. output current from 10 ports: 3A
Onboard devices: 2 Rainbow lights; 2 Headlights; 1 Buzzer; 1 Infrared receiving module
4x Infrared line following sensors
Servo connections: 4x
Motor connections: 1x
GPIO connections: 4x
IIC Ports: 2x


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