MiniBit Robot for the micro:bit

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An easy, simple and ready-to-go robot for your BBC micro:bit.

The MiniBit is the younger sibling of the popular and well-loved Bit:Bot. It comes ready-built (just the wheels need pushing on).

A Makecode extension is available - just search for "MiniBit" in the Advanced/Extensions tab. Blocks are available for driving the motors, LEDs and optional ultrasonic sensor, line follower module, 5x5 matrix breakout and OLED Breakouts.


  • 2 micro-metal gear motors. Both fully controllable in software, for both speed (0 to 100%) and direction (forward or reverse)
  • Fully enclosed gearboxes to minimise the ingress of dust and fluff
  • Wheels with rubber tyres for maximum grip
  • Metal ball front caster
  • 4 FireLEDs along the front. Select any colour for any pixel, produce stunning lighting effects as your MiniBit moves around
  • Integrated pen holder sits directly between the wheels for best operation. Designed for Sharpie felt tips but any pen with 10mm end shaft will fit
  • Powered from integrated 3xAA battery holder with on/off switch and blue indicator LED (batteries not included)
  • Easily plug your BBC micro:bit in and out using the edge connector
  • micro:bit pins 0, 1, 2 as well as 0V and 3V brought to croc-clip friendly edge connections
  • Robust connector for optional Ultrasonic sensor and other breakouts


Optional extras available


  • micro:bit not included
  • Batteries not included
  • Breakouts not included

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