8-in-1 Compact Screwdriver Set with Push Eject

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After spotting these awesome screwdriver sets appearing on the internet, we just had to check them out - and we totally fell in love with them!

We have a range of these tool sets in the store, each with a different number of driver bits and accessories, and all equally as cool with features such as magnetic holders, sliding covers and great-quality bits. They're awesome as gifts too!

This particular model is the 8-in-1 screwdriver set with a push-to-eject metal case, revealing a super-comfy, soft-touch chubby driver with an internal push-to-eject bit storage holder and magnetic bit tip. This one comes with larger bits and a big chunky driver for more rugged household jobs - you may want to check out our other sets if you're looking for more precision bits.

We can't get enough of the slick metal casing and secret-agent-style push eject system. Everyone we've shown has been like "I need that in my life right now!".

This set includes 8 bits and the chubby driver (so technically a 9-in-1!). The bits cover the following screw types and are stamped on the side for easy identification:

  • PH0 Cross-head/Phillips
  • PH2 Cross-head/Phillips
  • SL3.0 Flat-head
  • SL6.0 Flat-head
  • T5H Torx
  • T6H Torx
  • H6 Hex
  • U6 Spanner/Snake-eye

Package Contents

  • 1x 8-in-1 Screwdriver Set

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