300-Piece Ultimate Solder Sleeve Kit

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Our Ultimate Solder Sleeve Kit includes 140 solder sleeves for a range of wire sizes AND 160 bonus heat shrink lengths in a handy clasp box, giving you a plentiful stash of robust wire connection options for your projects.

Solder sleeves are a convenient way to connect wires together with solder whilst providing insulation at the same time - with no soldering or separate solder required!

Simply slide an appropriate size solder sleeve over one end of the wire you want to join, twist the two ends of the bare wire together, slide the solder sleeve over the twist and then heat up with a heat gun or similar tool (keep your hands out of the way as the wire may become hot).

The kit includes solder sleeves for wires ranging from 14-26 AWG, with each size a different colour and in different bags to help keep them organised. The bonus heat shrink is useful for more manual wire connections and comes in really handy when you least expect it!

The inside of the box lid includes the sizes in your kit for handy reference too.

Kit Contents

Item Quantity
26-24 Solder Sleeve 80
22-18 Solder Sleeve 40
16-14 Solder Sleeve 20
3x20mm Heat Shrink Sleeves 160

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