iot:bit for micro:bit (V2)

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The iot:bit is an expansion board based on IoT for the micro:bit. It uses an ESP8266 WiFi expansion board and serial port to communicate with the micro:bit.

It has all available IO ports extended from the micro:bit GVS connector, allowing you to connect other components. An onboard buzzer for sound is included alongside a real-time clock (RTC) for accurate timing without a power supply connected 24/7.

New version 2 - now compatible with the micro:bit V2!


  • Integrated ESP12F WiFi
  • RTC
  • Passive buzzer module
  • Extended most IO ports by GVS
  • Silk-screen indication onboard main components
  • Separately lead IIC interface, directly plug in an OLED, BME280 and IIC etc
  • Integrated buzzer and headphone jack
  • Adaptive for building bricks (4 standard spacing building brick fixed holes)


Package Contents

  • 1x iot:bit for micro:bit

CR1220 battery not included


DC supply USB-5V
Maximum power current 800mA
Operation temperature -25~80℃
WIFI module ESP8266 ESP12F
Buzzer Passive buzzer
RTC timing DS1307 RTC
RTC timing battery CR1220 button cell (NOT INCLUDED)
Size 71.00mm X 63.00mm
Net weight 30.00g

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