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Adjustable Camera Mount Protector Assembly Guide

ModMyPi's Adjustable Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Protector is quick and easy to assemble, just follow the guide below!

Please Note. All acrylic pieces have a protective backing on each side, which peels off. Please do so before assembly!

Adjustable Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Protector Kit Contents:

  • 6 x Acrylic Slices
  • 1 x M4 30mm Pillar
  • 1 x M4 Bolt
  • 1 x M4 Dome Nut
  • 8 x M2 Nut
  • 4 x M2 10mm Nylon Bolt
  • 4 x M2 Nylon Washer


1. Grab the three small square pieces and all the M2 nuts. bolts and washers (and your Raspberry Pi Camera)

2. Place your camera face up and put the acrylic piece with the hole and four notches over it as pictured:

3. Add the second piece with the hole (but no notches) on top of that.

4. Finally, add the last piece (with no holes), which is the protector layer, and place the nylon bolts through the four corners.

5. Flip the part over and slide your camera off (to leave just the layered acrylic slices with bolts)

6. Use four of the M2 nuts to secure the layers together (these nuts also act to offset the camera slightly and reduce fouling). Don't overtighten!

7. Place your Raspberry Pi camera back on the stack, and add the M2 washers.

8. Secure the camera to the stack using the last four M2 nuts. Don't overtighten!

9. Grab all of the remaining components: 

10. Thread the M4 Pillar through one of the round pieces of acrylic and secure with the dome nut.

11.Slide in your camera stack (at your chosen angle), the stabilitly piece, and secure it all together using the remaining round part and the M4 bolt!

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