Dexter - GoPiGo 2 Line Follower [Discontinued]

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Line Follower Sensor and mounting hardware for the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot! The Line Follower attaches to your GoPiGo robot car and enables you to program it to follow a line. Program your GoPiGo to serve a drink across a room, and learn the basics of how automated warehouse or self-driving cars work!

Please Note. This product uses a Grove Sensor Connector, and requires a compatible Grove Board for use on the Raspberry Pi.

Please Note. This package includes the Line Follower Module, Grove Cable & Mounting Hardware for the GoPiGo2 Only.

Essential to any robot learning kit is a line follower! We are introducing this sensor for the Raspberry Pi. The sensor is an easy way to direct your robot around the floor of a classroom, your kitchen, or your office. Just lay down some tape and start the line following program! The sensor can detect black lines on a light background, or white lines on a dark background. The Raspberry Pi Line tracker uses five line trackers, with the middle sensor aligned directly above the line, to give you precise and quick control of the robot. The line tracker allows you to build a robot to follow a path that is pre-marked with tape, paint, or a marker, and allows you to control the robot indirectly while it is moving autonomously. The line tracker turns the robot into an autonomously navigating machine that follows a line-marked path.

What’s included?

  • Line Follower board
  • (2) hex spacers
  • (1) sensor cable
  • (2) round acrylic spacers
  • (1) acrylic sensor protector
  • (2) long bolts
  • (2) short bolts


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