TOF (Time Of Flight) Laser Range Sensor (B)

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WaveThe TOF Laser Range Sensor (B) is a TOF-based (time of flight) laser ranging sensor with an embedded MCU and ranging algorithm, which is capable of offering up to 15m measuring range, ±2% accuracy and 1mm resolution.

It supports UART or I2C communication bus and features a longer measuring distance and higher light interference resistance capability due to its ultra-narrow FOV, suitable for either indoor or outdoor (dry!) conditions.

This sensor can be widely used in applications such as common distance measuring, robot obstacle avoidance/route planning, drone altitude setting/ceiling detection and more.

We also offer the original ToF sensor from Waveshare.


Typical measuring range 0.10 ~ 15.0m
Typical measuring accuracy 0.10 ~ 2m ±2cm; 2 ~ 15m ±2%
Resolution 1mm
Wavelength 750 ~ 830nm
Compliant with IEC 60825-1:2014 version 3 Class2 standard
Field of view (FOV) 1° ~ 2°
Communication interface UART (3.3V TTL signal level)
I2C (cascading support, the slave address is 0x08+module ID)
Baudrate UART: 115.2Kbps ~ 3000Kbps (921.6Kbps by default)
I2C: up to 400Kbps
Cascade support up to 8x cascades via I2C
Power supply 3.7 ~ 5.2V (reverse-proof)
Power consumption 610mW (UART active output, 5.0V power supply, 122mA current)
Weight 7.7g
Operating temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Dimensions 22.7 × 28 × 13.6mm (L × W × H)

Connection Example - Raspberry Pi

ToF sensor Raspberry Pi example

Connection Example - Arduino

ToF sensor Arduino Example

Package Contents

  • 1x TOF Laser Range Sensor (B)
  • 1x GH1.25 4-pin wire
  • 1x GH1.25 4-pin squid wire

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