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UPS PIco Bi Stable Relay Kit 3.0B+

UPS PIco Bi Stable Relay Kit 3.0B+
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The UPS PIco HV3.0 HAT can be equipped with Bi Stable Relay with a single coil. This Relay comes included with UPS PIco HV3.0 HAT Advanced, and is offered separately here for users looking to update their standard UPS PIco.

Please Note. Some simple assembly (soldering) is required.

The main benefit of the Bi Stable Relay is the power consumption. Bi Stable Relays consume power only when switching from one state to another. All other times are they do not consume power at all. So, we called it Zero Power Relay. Driving of such relays are little bit more complicated than the usual ones, however user not need to care about that as electrical drivers are assembled on and offered with each UPS PIco HV3.0 HAT PCB. Each Bi-Stable Relay does not have states NO (Normal Open) or NC (Normal Close), it has Reset and Set state instead. By switching of the Bi Stable Relay, user changes the state from Reset to Set and vice versa. User should know that If Bi Stable Relay change their status Reset/Set will stay on it (also when power will be completely removed) until new switch commend will be send. If Bi Stable Relay receives one command Reset or Set, sending multiple times of the same will not change anything. To change status must be send opposite one i.e. if s Reset, the opposite one is Set.

Bi Stable Relay Contact Meaning

  • Normally Close Output (on Set State): On Set State this contact is closed and have connection with Common. Similar to the “normal” Relay NC (Normal Close)
  • Common Output (on Reset/Set State): On Reset/Set States this contact is switching between NCO/NOO
  • Normally Open Output(on Set State): On Set State this contact is Open and does not have connection with Common. Similar to the “normal” Relay NO (Normal Open)

Bi Stable Relay Basic Technical Specifications

  • Arrangement 2 form C (DPDT)
  • Contacts Material Gold overlay silver alloy
  • Contacts Resistance (initial) Maximum 50 m? (at 1 A 6 VDC)
  • Contacts Rating (resistive) 0.5 A 125 VAC or 1 A 30 VDC
  • Contacts Maximum Carrying Current 2 A
  • Contacts Maximum Switching Power 62.5 AV/30 W
  • Contacts Maximum Switching Voltage 250 VAC, 220 VDC
  • Contacts Operate (at nominal voltage) Maximum 6 ms
  • Contacts Release (at nominal voltage) Maximum 4 ms


Due to construction of UPS PIco HV3.0 PCB we do not recommend to use Integrated Bi Stable Relay for switching of higher voltages/currents other than 32 VDC/1A per switching contacts. The Integrated Bi Stable Relay contain a pair of independent switching contacts that can be used separated for 2 different and independent switching devices or connected in parallel if higher current (double) is needed.

Due to PCB construction It is absolutely not allowed to use the Integrated Bi Stable Relay for switching 220 V AC at any current, even very low.

Example of Use

Each time when Bi Stable Relay changes state, there should be a characteristic “tick"

Reset the Bi Stable Relay

sudo i2cset -y 1 0x6B 0x0c 0x00

Set the Bi Stable Relay

sudo i2cset -y 1 0x6B 0x0c 0x01