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Ryanteck Motor Controller Board

Ryanteck Motor Controller Board
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The New and improved RTK-000-001-V3 / Motor Controller Board for Raspberry Pi is now pre-soldered and features a new and improved design breaking out the GPIO Pins to the side of the board.

The Ryanteck RPi Motor Controller Board  is a simple to use & budget friendly motor controller board for the Raspberry Pi which allows you to easily control 2 motors in both directions with some simple coding!

Once you receive the board, simply place it on the Raspberry Pi's GPIO header, screw in a power pack, add your motors and then start programming. We officially support Python & Scratch at this point in time although you can use it with any language that allows you to control the GPIO pins including C, Java, PHP, Bash, Node.JS etc. The board uses a SN754410NE IC that enables the use of Software Pulse Width modulation on the Pi, for example using PWM in RPi.GPIO to change the value of speed in Scratch.

Programming the board

As mentioned above, programming the board to drive a motor is as simple as turning a pin on or off. Example code for Python & Scratch will be available soon in the example of a robot. 

The pins used to control the motors are:

Broadcom Pins:

  • Motor 1: 17 & 18
  • Motor 2: 22 & 23

Board Pin Numbers:

  • Motor 1: 11 & 12
  • Motor 2: 15 & 16

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Visual appearance may vary as shown between the two kit photos, but function remains the same