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PCB of Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

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This is the back panel pcb of 1602 Arduino LCD Shield. This shield allows you to place your own LCD onto this shield. It only requieres a 16x2 HD44780 compatible LCD. This Shield uses Arudino LCD4Bit library.
The pcb is compatible with the following LCD:
  • Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Black on Yellow 5V
  • Basic 16x2 Character LCD - White on Blue 5V

  • Requieres the use of an 16x2 LCD
  • Operating Voltage:5V
  • Integrate a potentiometer for adjusting the backlight
  • Has 5 programmable buttons and 1 reset button
  • Expanded available I/O pins
  • Expanded Analog Pinout with standard DFRobot configuration for fast sensor extension
  • Pin used:
    • D4-D7 -> LCD Data transmission
    • D8       -> Reset pin
    • D9       -> Enable pin
  • APC&BT pin header for connecting wireless devices, directly compatible with:
    • APC220 Radio Communication Module
    • DFRobot Bluetooth V3
  • Dimension: 80 x 58 mm(3.15x2.28")
Not Compatible with: 20 Pin LCD's

  • Wiki Doc
  • Arduino Library Reference
  • Schematics