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HotPi - Fan Controller, Infrared I/O, RTC & RGB Status LED

HotPi - Fan Controller, Infrared I/O, RTC & RGB Status LED
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The HotPi breakout board adds an infra-red remote control transmitter and receiver, a full colour range RGB LED, a battery backed real time clock and a speed controlled fan connector to your Raspberry Pi! The board is fully customisable, so each group of parts can be omitted as necessary. For instance if you simply want an IR Transmitter with status LED, the Real Time Clock and Fan Controller can be completely omitted!

The HotPi uses the I2C bus which supports multiple devices and some GPIO pins, and works with through headers so you can plug additional circuits on top. The HotPi comes as a simple assemble kit with through hole components, so it does require some easy soldering! The user manual has a full asembly guide and instructions. The Real Time Clock (RTC) utilises a DS1307 low-power chip and CR2032 Battery (not included) to keep time. 

The HotPi has the Following Components:
  • Infra-Red Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver*  - Works as an LIRC device, and has excellent range.
  • A Full Colour Range RGB LED - Comes with some handy scripts to create fades and flashes for various notifications (e.g. software update available, system offline).
  • A Battery Backed Real Time Clock - keeps the time accurate when the Pi is turned off, or disconnected from a network.
  • A Speed Controlled Fan Connector and Software - Built to automatically respond to temperature rises in the SoC core of the Raspberry Pi.

* 3.5mm IROUT Port is included in the kit. You will need to purchase an IR Emitter Separately

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