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Gravity: Starter Kit for Genuino / Arduino 101 with Tutorials

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DFRobot's Gravity Genuino (Arduino) 101 

This Starter Kit includes a Genuino 101 (Arduino 101 in USA) board, the latest Arduino compatible board running on a Intel curie processor, featuring functions such as gesture recognition and Bluetooth communication. The kit comes with 13 most popular sensors, modules together with an easy-to-plug IO expansion shield, allowing users to build various interactive projects without using breadboards or jumper wires. Sensors in the kit are highly modularized that can be simply attached to the shield via DFRobot's  Gravity interface which is a standard color-coded 3-pin design. More than 200 DFRobot sensors and modules are available to power further projects.  All components included in the kit are fully compatible with Arduino microcontrollers.  With the starter Kit for Genuino 101, building your own project will just be as simple as stacking blocks. 

Starter Kit for 101 also provides 11 step-by-step tutorials, which aims to help Arduino beginners to understand Arduino programming. The tutorial goes through the installation of the Arduino IDE, its programming language, how to build electric circuit, how to use different electric components and their signaling. It also includes instruction for building projects from lighting up an LED to eventually use 101 with multiple components to make a real project such as “Weather Station” or “Electronic Gradienter”. The tutorial is filled with tons of pictures and diagrams so that anyone can build their own arduino project without any difficulty.

Tutorial Includes:

  • Arduino Platform and Genuino/Arduino 101
  • Analog and Digital Signals
  • Simple Automatic Control Devices
  • Project 1. Make an LED Blink
  • Project 2. Sensor Light
  • Project 3. Mini Lamp
  • Project 4. Sound Activated LED
  • Project 5. Fading LED
  • Project 6. Light Regulator
  • Project 7. Pandora's Box
  • Project 8. Bluetooth Connection
  • Project 9. Weather Station
  • Project 10. Open Sesame
  • Project 11. Electronic Gradienter


  • Microcontroller: Genuino/Arduino 101
  • Power Supply: 6*AA Batteries or 6.5-12V AC power adapter
  • Dimension: 220mm * 165mm * 65 mm/ 86.6 * 65 * 25.6 inches
  • Weight: 300g

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