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Devastator Robot Kit (Built-in WiFi Vision and Sensors) -By Intel Edison

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The Devastator Tank mobile platform kit is a multi-functional robot platform kit. Its functions include obstacle avoidance, real time monitoring and a full range angle of view.

The Devastator kit provides you with everything you need to build your own tracked platforms. It is expandable so you can add various sensors and modules to adapt to different situations. Its high strength aluminium alloy construction makes it extremely solid and durable. This is an excellent kit to further your robotics knowledge!

What separates this platform from the others is its microcontroller – Romeo for Intel Edison.. This MCU benefits from the high performance of the Edison MPU which can run a Linux OS, giving the Devastator a brain with more processing power. Using the Devastator kit makes it easier than ever to implement remote control and real time monitoring. The included USB camera gives it a pair of eyes that you can view in real time through a web browser on your PC or phone via WiFi. The on-board color-coded headers are compatible with most of DFRobot’s sensors and modules, making it super easy to expand the kit’s functions.

This Devastator Tank Mobile Platform for Edison is upgraded from the old version. New features include:

  • Two high-torque metal gear motors with metal shafts for improved speed and payload capacity
  • High performance suspension for outstanding mobility across a range of terrains
  • A Hexa Base Rotate kit with servos for a full-field of view

Step-by-step instructions for setting up the microcontroller will be provided on the DFRobot website. Please check the documents section for more details.


  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Real time monitoring
  • Full range angle of view
  • Smartphone control support
  • 2 DOF Turntable


  • Romeo for Intel® Edison Controller
    • Microprocessor: Intel® Edison (dual-core processor, 500MHz Intel Atom CPU and 100MHz Intel Quark microcontroller)
    • System Operating Voltage: 5V
    • Input Voltage (limits): 6-12V
    • System Output Voltage: 5V/3.3V
  • Devastator Tank Mobile Platform (Upgrade Version)  *Motor Stall Torque: 5.8kg/cm *Motor Reduction ratio: 1/44.9 *Motor Stall Current: 2.1A *Motor no-load Current: 130mA *Maximum Speed: 133cm/s
  • URM37 V4.0 Ultrasonic Sensor 
    • Power: +3.3V~+5.0V
    • Current:
    • Working temperature: -10 ~ +70 C
    • Detection Range: 5cm - 500cm(1.97-196.85")
    • Resolution: 1cm(0.39")
    • Interface: RS232 (TTL), PWM
  • Servo Rotation Angle: 180 degree
  • USB Camera Pixels: 2 MP
  • Box Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 130 mm (13.78 x 9.84 x 5.12")(L x W x H)
  • Assembled Dimensions: 225 x 220 x 230 mm (8.86 x 8.66 x 9.06")(L x W x H)
  • Net Weight: 2.3 kg

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