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BLE Wireless Gamepad V2

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Wondering if your newly bought gamepad can be used to both playing games and controlling a robot? The new BLE 4.0 wireless gamepad V2.0 produced by DFROBOT can meet all your requirements. Based on TI CC2540 Bluetooth chip design, it is specially designed for DIY players and does not need programming. This gamepad is using hardware scanning structure, high respond speed and supports one keyboard toggle between central and peripheral roles. Under central device mode, it can be connected to any DFRobot BLE device and achieve remote control. While under peripheral device mode, the gamepad can be used as a HID keyboard-mouse device for a computer. This product also supports multi-buttons recognition, each button has pressed and released stage, which is more friendly for remote control.

Based on the previous version, V2.0 not only improved on hardware, but also made connection more stable. In addition, AT function is added to this version so users can change basic settings like turn on/off shaking function using AT commands. This gamepad also supports KISS connection—now you can connect it to any device just by putting them next to each other.

  • Microcontroller Chip: TI CC2540
  • Digital Button Outputs:12
  • Analog joystick Outputs: 4
  • Power Supply: USB supply or 3 AAA batteries (Can be used at the same time)
  • Support online firmware updates through USB connection
  • Support HID Keyboard (Peripheral Mode)
  • Support BLE Serial Port Communication (Central Mode)
  • Support BLE Low Power Consumption
  • Support one keyboard toggle between between central-peripheral (mode LED "ON" means central mode; "OFF" means peripheral mode)
  • Support Kiss Connection: Close Auto Connection
  • Support Bluetooth MAC address binding and one-button unbinding
  • Size: 165*110 mm/6.49*4.33 inches
  • Weight: 644 g