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52Pi - 40 Pin DIY Prototyping HAT

52Pi - 40 Pin DIY Prototyping HAT
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Design your own Pi HAT, attach custom circuits, LEDs, IC's, potentiometers and more, with this DIY Prototyping HAT from 52Pi! The HAT consists of a 0.1" prototyping soldering grid for attaching your peripherals with breadboard style traces for easy links between components. There's also 3.3V, 5V & GND strips for easy power connections, and a labelled GPIO breakout strip for easy GPIO links! There's even a small solder terminal area to add a custom EEPROM!


  • HAT Compliant Layout
  • Power Strips: 3.3V, 5V & GND
  • Header Included
  • DIY HAT Prototyping Plate
  • Prototyping Bed
  • i2c, Serial & SPI "Broken Out"
  • EEPROM Solder Bed Area